ImageFor the ones that do not know me, I am Spanish, born in this great country that has offered my parents and me countless opportunities. For the vast majority of adult years I have voted and supported a Democratic presidential candidate,; had the chance of voting for Al Gore in 2000 with the hope that it would have been a continuation of the Clinton years, later in 2004 I voted for John Kerry because I believed that George W Bush did not deserve a second term, and boy was I correct. In 2008 didn’t like my choices that much, and didn’t fall for the Obamania that was taking over America, however with not that many choices I did vote for Obama knowing very well that not change was going to take place, but we indeed needed a new face since the world was in boiling water. You could see the trend: me, voting for the Democratic party in presidential elections, however you might be mistaken if you think I vote for the Democratic Party, I vote for candidates and the circumstances of the moment, I never go by the perception of people of a particular party, for example, people have the perception of Democrats being the big spenders, meanwhile Bill Clinton did produce a surplus (in great part cause of the Reaganconomis) but he deserves credit to follow through meanwhile W.Bush being a “conservative” skyrocket spending. In the other hand we have the fallacy of the Republicans being the party of war, but most wars of this country have been started by and under a Democrat President, just look at this table: World War I – Woodrow Wilson – Democrat World War II – FDR – Democrat Korean War – Truman – Democrat Bay of Pigs – Kennedy – Democrat Vietnam War – LBJ – Democrat Grenada – Reagan – Republican Persian Gulf War (IRAQ I) – H.Bush – Republican Bosnia and Herzegovina – Clinton – Democrat War on Terror (IRAQ II) – W Bush – Republican As we see 6 were under Democrat presidents and 3 under Republican presidents Today giving the circumstances and challenges that we face ahead of us I am voting for Mitt Romney. This is not an emotional vote, this a vote for a person that I have been following for a very long time, years back before the 2008 Republican primaries, when the media shut him down maybe for his religion preferences or maybe not, but before I make my case for Mitt Romney, I need to make my case of why I am not voting for Obama. It has been a trend for the “Hispanic” community to vote for the Democratic party no matter who the candidate is, I must say that the Republican Party has done a very poor job in selling themselves to this big and important segment of the USA society, meanwhile I do not think any President in history has received a higher support among “Hispanic” than Barack Obama, not even Bill Clinton, and the truth of that matter is that ironically under this administration is that have been recorded the highest rate per capita and in quantity of deportations in US history. 48 % of these deportations have been “Hispanics”, jumping from 26% in 2006,. Somehow now at the end of his first term Barack Obama comes with the DREAM ACT…..why he couldn’t do it on his first 3 years?…… Simple, Do I need to spell this out?, is all about: “Hey I remember you guys …vote for me please ” is about his reelection not conviction….unlike Ronald Reagan in 1986 who wasn’t seeking reelection since it was the last year of his second term, when he signed the biggest amnesty in US history, that allowed more than 3 million illegal immigrants to be granted amnesty which later on many of became part of the foundation of the economic success of future generations, ironically Reagan’s amnesty law was introduced by the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate But lets go to the most important issue in this elections: The economy. To be fair we cannot judge Obama without judging George W. Bush and highlighting the conditions that the country was in 2008, and furthermore how we got to the financial crisis of 2008. It’s not a secret that one of the main reasons of the financial crisis that shock United States and the rest of the world in 2008, was the easy credit that led to a bubble, added to an increase on spending by Bush’s administration….well if you take the name of the just look at the economy policy (2004-08) and (2008-12) you will realize that Barack Obama is Bush on steroids, the only thing Bush did right was the Bush tax cut, although as many people criticizes it , it did raise revenue year by year since 2002, the problem was Bush spent way more than what he got. Obama is not the exception. After more than a trillion given away on behalf of “the world is coming to an end” today’s job growth had an average of 157,000 by 2012 around the same by 2011 that was 153,000, the problem with this is not the amount, the problem is that if we keep this pace of the past 4 years we still be 15 millions jobs below of 2008 by the end of 2016, in top of that the economy is growing to slow to fill up the gap of the job lost as a result of the 2008 crisis, which means that as time passes by the closer we get to recover jobs at this pace, the more likely this unemployment rate will be normal. Why it has been so slow?…unlike Bill Clinton, you either like him or not, he did work with both parties and as Alan Greenspan said on his book “The Age of Turbulence”: “I was amazed by the capacity of listening of President Clinton, Obama on the other hand is his way or the highway, it has created this Welfare class, and still hasn’t understood that Corporations are not individuals, that they are institutions that create wealth not just for CEO’s but for many Americans on their 401k, IRA and other private funds, he still hasn’t understood that we need a tax reform that rewards investment, he still hasn’t understood that wealth is created by innovators not regulators. In terms of OBAMACARE, I will be lying if I tell you that I don’t believe in some sore of health plan choice for the most needed, and I will go even further, I believe in as much aid as possible for education to the most needed, because at the end education and health are the exclusive tools for the individuals to move on the 3 ladders of social system, however the way Obama health plan is built scares capitals and even worse is the TIMING is horrible, this is the time to create jobs and accelerate the economy, which in real terms it has decreased if you take into account the actions by the FED of inflating the economy and buying the government debts to keep bond rates low. Why Mitt?… To begin, last time I checked this is the land where people try to achieve their dreams, and become rich and wealthy, it never was or has been a sin, and I hope is still not. He has been a successful business person that wherever he goes has made things work, I believe we need a Man with business background, with a great record on the private sector, why? …. Great ideas have been created in moments of difficulties, with the right leaders; look at Apple and Microsoft who are pioneers in the tech sector. These companies were created during recession. Does anyone see a business under this administration, the new Microsoft or Apple….I guess we all have the answer, and the answer is NO….because we are not welcoming businesses which are the ultimate motor for ideas and jobs. I always say that we should manage government as private entities, in the sense of fiscal responsibility and instead of how much you spend, focus in how you spend it, for example: Microsoft today spent in a ration 3: 1 more than Apple on research and development but Apple is a more successful company, also ,by the way, Apple has more cash available than the US Government. For this we need a man like Mitt a man that took the winter Olympics on his wing, that historically have been losing money and making them profitable, took companies in financial troubles like Staples, Domino Pizza, Sport Authority and Brookstone and made them profitable, also in the public sector has proved himself more than competent as the governor of Massachusetts working with Democratic legislature and plugging a $3 billion budget hole while holding down taxes, and managing to keep Massachusetts as the #1 in education and #1 in Health in the whole United States At the end of the day: 1. In the beginning of Obama’s term He became the most powerful President that America had since Abraham Lincoln, with majority in the House of representative, Senate, Supreme Court, and media that was literally in love with him, and he failed to pass any of his meaningful policy’s, today he is falling to work we both parties. A president suppose to se the tone, and negotiate with congress, you can always have you want, you give and take in good faith…look how Reagan worked with a Democrat majority congress, look how Bill Clinton worked with Newt Gringrich, and came together what was known as the “THE PACT OF AMERICA”…. Obama so far hasn’t been able to exhibit that kind of leadership of accomplishments. 2.We have a president that doesn’t get business as a result we have unemployment rate above what he took office, high fiscal deficit of more than 1 trillion every single year for the last past 3 years, accumulating a debt of more than 16 trillion dollars, meaning more than 100% the GDP. Lowest approval for a President running for reelection since the Great depression, in other words that has been unable to produce nothing with the strategy of borrow and spend, focusing in regulation and distribution. 3. When Reagan took office, we were in the verge of a Hyperinflation and the Iran crisis, by the second year of his term, we beat inflation, economy growing and the Iran crises solve, when Clinton took office we were in a recession , by the 2nd year recession was over, and experience one of the longest and biggest boom of economic growth in US history…..with Obama with still waiting for results. 4.Today ¾ of the Federal budget goes to Medicaid, Medicare, social security, and welfare , this has to stop, it has to stop that what is a luxury today it becomes in 5-10 years a right, we are in a point that a cell phone It’s a right, so if you don’t have one, Government will provide you one. I think this November 6th of 2012 is the day to draw the line and say enough is enough before its too late. This is why I am voting tomorrow for Mitt Romney.



  1. belinda says:

    Well said… however without talking politics or getting into a debate with you… Obama still has my vote.

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