The World at its best!


Couple of days ago, I got caught between images, and news about the earthquake in Haiti, and then I decided to send a message to close friends asking for help, for what is the poorest country on the American Continent. Probably most of you by now have seen all sorts of news and organization asking for help, to relief the pain.

Among all this pain and sadness there it’s something that put a smile in my face. After my continuous complains that I had in the past about the world, towards Haiti, including my country Dominican Republic and United States. The world has come together for a noble and must need it cause. It’s amazing how many organizations have come together to raise money, food and medical supplies for Haiti. Yesterday just in a football game alone, I watched more than 10 ads seeking for help for Haiti, the wireless carriers, have put in place a text message number together with the Red cross to donate money, sport athletes have come together to deliver a positive message, a lot of prop firms (trading companies) donate their net profits for one day , and the list go on and on.

We will see a lot of organizations that will do it solely for public relations purposes but as whole I am very pleased with how well the world has embrace this cause and handle the situation, but the 3 actions that have impress me the most are the ones from Cuba, Dominican Republic and United States.




  • Cuba: In the wake of the Haiti earthquake, Cuba is allowing US flights over its airspace, cutting the trip between Guantánamo Bay and Miami by 90 minutes. “Cuba is allowing the US to use its airspace for medical evacuation flights from Haiti” the White House said late Thursday   
  • Dominican Republic: The government of Dominican Republic efforts among, many Dominicans have joined the cause with collection centers, while others have offered private planes and other materials destine for Haiti. : “The Dominican people have bent over backwards to help Haiti. What happened in Haiti has no precedent. There is too much pain. Too much suffering. The absurd differences stop here and solidarity is imposed, pure and simple, openly and decidedly. This is the right moment to help our brother nation. Let’s give our hand and our soul to a people that do not deserve so much suffering.” Jorge Maria Sosa
  • United States: President Obama thanked predecessors George W. Bush and Bill Clinton today for heading up a new Haiti fundraising project, and asked them to tap America’s compassion to help the impoverished nation devastated by a deadly earthquake. United States government dispose 100 millions dollars for Haiti.

The positive from all this, is that there people that still care for others, politicians in United States put their difference aside Republicans and Democrats, just by the simple act of Obama, Clinton and Bush giving a press conference together encouraging Americans and the world to help in any shape of form. In Dominican Republic, I have experience this personally I have been informed of friends of mine that honestly do not have any social conscience, and are helping in one way or another, Cuba and United States have put their difference aside and some tolerance opening the airspace to United States since 1963.

In retrospective I believe that this the opportunity to rebuild this country from scratch, with some sort of a small “Marshall Plan” The greatest tragedies are often the greatest opportunities for historical change, I believe this our chance as “global society”. It’s also a wakeup call for Republican and Democrats, and realizes how much they could get done when they work together, even though you could have different opinions political and religion views. Oh and by the way people like Pat Roberson, and Rush Limbaugh do not represent the majority of us, they are also a minority between Christian and Conservative Republicans, respectively so ,for this stupid comments, like my mom said : “It’s not better answer to ignorant comments than silence”………………………………………

Here are two videos one from the President of Dominican Republic in an interview from the border with Haiti in Jimani, an the second is President Obama together with former presidents George W.Bush and Bill Clinton.



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