Yankees Win Yankees Win

yankeestrophyR_450x300[1]It was hard for me to watch Pedro Martinez strugle against the Yankees in game 6, but I today have to put my preferences aside, and congratulate the champions of the “World Series” in 2009 , like Jeter said: “it’s been a while”…well now is time enjoy the trophy.

The Yankees is without any argument, one of the most important brands of the world, and the most important sport franchise in history with 27 titles and many legendary players through time such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and others. Yesterday since I was sick lying at my bed, I was watching the Yankees parade, and looking carefully at every person that got the New York City key by Major Bloomberg,it hit me. The Yankees are one of the most lucrative franchises in the world, from souvenirs, jerseys and Cable/TV revenue, and the fans with the deepest pockets in United State. The Yankees are not a team, they are a lucrative business but getting out of the finances what I really one to point out is this:

  • Chemistry: I have been saying since 2001 the reason the Yankees haven’t won a championship again is because the lack of chemistry and going out there and signing every free agent, messing with the team harmony, even though they went out there and sing CC. Sabathia, A.J Burnet, and Mark Teixeira, this guys have something in common they are not egocentric. You just have to see how well A-Rod and Texeira get alone, they even went together yesterday to watch a NY Knicks game to the Garden together with CC, Melky and Cano.
  • Steroids: I am not a fan of Alex Rodriguez(AROD) at all, but it for something I was happy of AROD hitting, is that once and for all he proves the steroids does not make a player, but the best statement was made by the fans. IF YOU WIN THEY DON’T CARE IF USED STEROIDS OR NOT.
  • Are the Yankees New York?………..think again, between the 4 New York Rangers Stanley Cups, 4 New York Islanders Stanley Cups, 4 New York Giants Super Bowl, 5 New York Jets Super Bowl, 2 New York Knicks Championship, and 2 World Series by the New York Mets…………still the Yankees all alone has more titles than all of them together 27 tittles against 21.

Finally congratulations to all Yankees fans and enjoy your 27th ring.


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