Pittsburgh “The Steel City”

Last weekend, 800px-Pittsburgh_view-from-incline_sm[1]I had the opportunity to visit the city of Pittsburg, 6 hours away from New York  City, although I must admit the sole purpose of the visit, was to keep up with my Major League Baseball park tour around United States, I did indeed learn a lot.

My first impression of Pittsburg, was kind of disappointment it in part helped by the condition of the weather, but also, by the “feeling” you get in the major city. You could tell as soon as you step in that has being going through a lot, and as I learn from my best friend Virgilio Pittsburg is a city that has relied uniquely on the industry of the steel. Once the steel industry collapse, in the early 1990, it was set for a hard and long recovery, since then they have learn the lesson that you cannot rely on  just one industry in any economic  environment  is like putting all your eggs in one basket.   The primary industries have shifted more to high technology, such as robotics, health care, nuclear engineering, tourism, biomedical technology, finance, and services; still the unemployment rate today is in 7.9% the highest since 1994,  with this conditions is normal that prices for different activities are considerable cheap, for example: I pay for first row tickets at BNC park home of the Pittsburg Pirates $ 27 , and the price of rent goes from $300 to$ 500. The perspectives according to experts for Pittsburg are not clear especially with the whole economic situation all around the United States and the rest of the world.

By coincidence in the week that I got there, it was just finish the event of the G20 (20 most powerful nations of the world), this event was heavily lobbied to be host in this city, with the idea of giving this city’s economy a boost, time will tell.

In conclusion, I think is a huge mistake for any community, city, or country to rely heavily in just one industry sector, it has been the mistake that Cuba made with the sugar cane, Saudi Arabia with the oil and Pittsburg with the steel industry.


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