dr._obamaThe most recent subject in the news has been the health care in United States, a lot has been said especially during past presidential campaigns, but nothing has been done, once Ronald Reagan tried to privatize the health care system in United States with zero results, .  One of the reasons that I supported Hillary Clinton in her aspirations for President of United States in the past elections, was that she focus  her platform on “Healthcare” , and unlike others she did tried to do something back in the 90’s under her husband administration best known as “Hillarycare”.


More than a decade later, here we are again, talking about the same subject without any progress, although I must admit that seems like our current president Barack Obama, wants to take the bull by the horns, his plan is pretty much Hillary’s plan like he promised during his campaign.  In what this plan consists?……….pretty simple, the socialization of medicine, a standard like France’s healthcare system, we must admit, that with a smaller Great Domestic Product(GDP) than US, it seems to work much better than in United States, having said that I wouldn’t jump to conclusions to adopt the French system that by many has been the “model” to follow. This so’ acclaim system, has also it’s flow, for example: last year when a heat wave killed around 15,000 mostly elderly people. There was also a bed shortage in hospitals in December, when a nationwide flu and bronchitis epidemic broke out. France must make big changes to its health system in order to cut waste and increase efficiency, a government-commissioned report is warning. The report says citizens must pay more and doctors must alter their behavior. Failure to do so could add 66 billion Euros a year to France’s public budget deficit by 2020, it adds. The warning comes after thousands of health workers protested on Thursday over staff shortages and the “creeping privatization” of the health system.

At the same time we have to understand that the variables change in United States population, which  has a larger population of immigrants, where  a lot are undocumented it, and do not pay any kind of taxes. “ Source The Economist Magazine Jan 2009 Edition.


This plan by the Obama administration will require 1.6 Trillion dollar (print, and print more baby), and this won’t even cover more than 30% of the Americans that do not have any kind of health care. I do respect the fact that Mr. Obama, is trying to do something to fix the problem, but sometimes not all changes are good, soon or later probably by next year Medicaid and Medicare will go bankrupt, another example that big government, and spending does not work……..You probably ask, well “genius” what you suggest …….well without getting into Party favoritism, I believe Ron Paul proposal is the best fit for US, is a hybrid of the private sector, and government, regulate it by the government, but where citizens will have a choice, where every citizen, will make a flat fee for basic care, and from there you ad more into the plan as an option, this covering the unfortunates that do not have a job, but also under strict conditions without abusing the system, just as they have been doing with “Wealth fare”. It’s the same system that the former  governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney executed in his state, and it worked, where citizens have a choice, but most important it has been the system that adopted Netherlands since 2006, and so far has been working well. This  system cost 10% of Netherlands GDP, contrary of United States that almost spends 18% of their GDP.

If you want to know more about Netherlands heatlcare, here is more information:


Have a wonderful Independece Day!


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