Obama reaching out

CORRECTION APTOPIX CB Trinidad Americas SummitThe Summit of the Americas, has finished, and now the American “right” will have a field day with Obama, after his little “meeting” with President Chavez. Already a former director of CIA called Obama’s move of irresponsible. Others have gone as far accusing him of communist.


This is all nonsense. I particularly are not a big fan of the Obama’s administration, especially in his domestic policy, and his economic approach to the recession, but if is something that I really applaud him for is the steps that he has taken so far in his foreign policy. United States as nation has to understand that not always is “barking” and “punching” the solution for resolving things. In the particular case of Mr. George W. Bush, my mother always tell me when you are in a group or community and you have problems with the vast majority, you have to evaluate your self, is something that you must be doing wrong, is the same case with Mr. Bush. At one point he could it hold his breath and said: “Hold on, why all the hate towards us?”.


Mr. Obama has made a 360 turn from Bush’ perspective, it has been humble enough, to show the world, that we also made mistakes. We are in 2009, and it all seems that we are back in the 1400’s, with the England, Portugal France and Spain conflicts,  but back to Mr. Chavez and Obama. To make an opinion about Mr. Chavez you have to know the history of Spanish America, Venezuela has been one of the wealthiest countries in the world, when it comes to Oil production. Ironically that wealth has been share exclusively between a few people of the upper class without an opportunity for the others to grow, and the true and matter is that from Carlos Andres Perez (president of Venezuela from 1974 to 1979 and from 1989 to 1993.) to Rafael Caldera (president of Venezuela from 1969 to 1974 and again from 1994 to 1999, no one in Venezuela did anything for the people.  

I am not an idealistic by any chance and never less a socialist, since I am 100% pure capitalist, but Mr. Chavez besides all the scandals and his orthodox methods , has sustain a consistent growth and Venezuela above 8% every year since  1999, and has invest a lot in education, which is the biggest “problem” in Spanish America. Now do I agree with Mr. Chavez methods?….of course not, I do not believe in equality period, but we have to admit that has make it better than any other president that has passed in Venezuela modern history. Another thing that people wants to distortion is that he is a Dictator…….well technically he is not, since he has won fair in square first in 1998 with 59% and in 2000 increased with 63% of the votes, all this with the traditional “Catholic” Church, the Media, and the American Embassy, against it (which are very key elements to keep the power in any Latin America country). In the last presidential elections even the Carter Center which is an institution founded by Jimmy Carter for the improvement of Democracy and Peace around the world claimed: “Mr. Chavez won the elections in a fair manner”.

What has been Mr. Chavez sin…well while Mr. Bush forgot about Latin America as an important ally in his global ambitions, Chavez capitalized it.


Going back to Barak Obama, I just want to put clear that Chavez is not the evil that the media make us believe, neither is a saint, Obama has make a great step towards Mr. Chavez, which is very refreshing. In another aspect, I encourage President Obama to once and for all lift the embargo to Cuba. It simply does not make sense. You want to destroy communism? It’s easy you destroy communism with the best tool of all, Capitalism just like Reagan did with URSS with “Star Wars”. Keeping the doors close to Cuba just helps two figures, Fidel Castro and the Cuban community in the exile. Last time I check we make business with China which is communist, so it’s just a lame excuse.

 To finish I am not pro Obama at all in fact I have been a strong oppositor of his administration, but his foreign  policy in my opinion so far has gone beyond great, and all the “close” minds that are criticizing  him for been willing to sit with Castro, and already “Chit Chat” with Chavez, remember that Nixon open the doors to  China, Clinton gave a “pardon” to Marc Rich (The man that bought Oil from Iran), Reagan when couple of times to the former URSS and meet with Gorbachev and Bush met with Vladimir Putin many times.

For sure Obama will loss couple of points in the United States but he also has gained a big boost in the international community which US desperately need.

Remember in politics you don’t have friends you have allies.



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