Who is going to stop Israel?

palestinaI had the pleasure to spent most of the Christmas holidays with my father, and that gave me the opportunity exchange opinions about numerous topics with him, but the most discuss it one by us, was the Israel-Palestine conflict. My father point out that Israel is not more than a protectorate of United States.

First let me point out that I consider my self Catholic, which rule out any bias opinion, and evidentially will not benefit from one side or the others position, having said that I must agree with my fathers opinion, but I will go even further, Israel was founded in 1954, with fully support of United States and allies of Europe specially France, with the only purpose of US to have a political and military presence in the middle east region, the state of Israel is not anything more than a banana republic, a client state of the US. The west hemisphere media has induced us to believe of the Jewish community as race, WHICH IS NOT. Being Jewish is not a race because Jews do not share one common ancestry or biological distinction. People of many different races have become Jewish people over the years. Being Jewish is not a nationality because Jews have been dispersed throughout the world for almost two thousand years. People of many different nationalities are Jewish. Being Jewish is live being a citizen of a religious movement; however the great majority of Jews become a part of the religious movement through birth and not due their beliefs or actions. This Jewish identity stays with them throughout their life even if they don’t actively practice Judaism.

I am not here to defend Palestine by any chance; they have handle things pretty bad too, but I commented to my father, that Israel do not move or act, without directions of United States, in a country I believe everything happened for a reason. I remember back in the “Gulf” war, in early 90’s George H. Bush convinced most of the Arabic countries to support his cause to “free” Kuwait from Iraq and Saddam Hussein regime, but this countries establish very clear, that if Israel would it get involve they will change sides. Hussein smart enough as military strategy start striking Israel, trying to get a reaction. Israel was dying to answer back, but it did not. Why?…Because US instructions. This lately attacks of Israel have not come as coincidence, it’s being execute in a organize manner and with time in advance, like it’s not a coincidence the Barack Obama choose to name the most powerful and influential position on his administration the same women that orchestrate Bosnia & Kosovo, Hillary Clinton. In simple words I am not a defender of Hamas which is a minority group in Palestine, but what Israel is doing it’s just a big fat CRIME, which will backfire at us soon or later, and I do not want to be an idealistic because I do understand the nature of human lands on control and power, but this bombing of Israel on Gaze is not any different the Hiroshima, literality they are bombing  innocent civilians, and I ask my self how many Hamas leaders they have killed?……last time I check they kill one of their main leaders, but then another one will and follow up.

A close friend of my father which is a journalist for a newspaper in Domincan Republic wrote an article saying: Who is going to stop Israel of this crime?…….and I will like to answer in a very sad but realistic way: No one and we haven’t see the climax of this conflict yet.

PS: I will like to make very clear, that I do admire the Jewish community in United States, because of how they handle themselves and always trying to achieve more professionally, and always look out for each other, but I just can’t shoot my mouth in front a bloody crime like this.


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