41zr3eu7vzl_bo2204203200_pisitb-sticker-arrow-clicktopright35-76_aa240_sh20_ou01_I must admit that I am passing without a doubt through the darkest times of my life, but once I feel the world is falling down on me, I just keep remembering  myself : “It’s all up to the individual”, whatever happens it will be just up to me.


Last week I had the opportunity to meet Alonzo Mourning, a basketball player that through his prime in the late 90’s was probably one the most hate it players by me, but I always admitted that he was one of the hardest workers  on the court. He is one of those player that did not born with gift it skills, he worked hard to develop his game and compete with player that had more athletic abilities than him such as Shaquille O’Neal & Patrick Ewing


Alonzo Mourning has earned a lot of publicity lately because he came back to the NBA to play basketball after a kidney transplant. Zo, like his fans known him as, wrote a book call Resilience about his struggle in life, and how he made it through but mainly about how he never gave up on his darkest and toughest times in life especially when he was diagnose in 2000 with Focal Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), a degenerative kidney disease.


Although Mourning wasn’t the greatest of the speakers, during his intervention on the opening of the library fair at the private school that I work at, his message was without a doubt beyond great. He said that in his opinion people’s personality is always shape by others, and that’s why it’s so important by who you surround yourself with. You are pretty much a product of your environment, but without giving up throwing away this, he also claim and I 100% agree, that it does not matter how bad you have it in live is always someone out there, that has it worse than you, it will be up to you & me as individual to make choices and accomplish what we want.  


After I read his book “Resilience” I look at “Zo” in a whole other dimension, not jus as basketball player where he already has proved everything, but as an individual and human being. Alonzo is the best example of my doctrine: “It’s all up to the individual”, like he said “You might have the path of success, but still have to walk through it” and even if you are not in that direction is up to you to re direct your life, in the right path, but more than anything is believe it in your self, if you stick to your mind something, you have more chances of accomplishing that. That’s the first battle that we must win, in order to succeed, we shouldn’t feel pity for our self, “Oh poor me!”….we should convince our mind that we are going to do what we want to do.


“Resilience” is a book written in simple words, very methodical that jog your memory of how powerful our minds and desire could be in order to get to that point in life that we want to get. 


Here on the bottom I share a video of Alonzo Mourning after he won finally  his championship with the Miami Heats on 2007.








One thought on “Resilience

  1. belle says:

    i heard lance armstrongs story but i had not heard of alonzo mourning or his story, but he’s right… there’s is always someone that it worse off than we are. we have to stay positive and believe that we will succeed. feeling sorry ourselves is cheap and easy and it helps no one.
    life (like marriage) is a continuous work in progress; our work is never done, we always have to work to achieve our desires, and then for our children and our grandchildren and so on and so forth… we must never give up and we must always be grateful for what we’ve got!

    dream it, believe it, achieve it !

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