Open Source


Pleasing a reader that asked me: What is Open Source?

Every time we hear in the It field the words “Open Source” it comes it’s right away relate it to Linux. Well Open Source is more than that.

Open Source is a concept introduced back in the late 90’s by a small community of programmer, which stay that any code build to run any application or program should be release to the public, under the argument that others programmer could make changes, and improve those programs and applications, but the most attractive idea behind the “Open Source” is that the application must be free.


The Open Source community has grown exponentially through this decade, and has become one of the leaders on the technology revolution, and more than a concept is has become a big movement with his own license agreement. Under the Open Source License Agreement, anything that is release under the “Open Source License Agreement” should be release the codes to the public, and the application must be free.


Let me get more into details, let say that I am working in a program that I will call “Zelda”. I decided that the community of the “Open Source” to make out of my program “Zelda’ a better program, then the next step is for me to release the source code of what I have done so far. The advantage of this concept, is that many programmer now will work on my application to make it better, once is done, we release the application for free to the public, and also the source code for whoever wants to make any changes.


They are so many applications that have been create under this license agreement. Here are some of them:

  • Firefox: arguable the best Internet Browser out there.
  • Linux: without a doubt the most stable operating system, the are so many different versions of Linux out there you could   download it and try it under (My favorite one is Ubuntu). 
  • OpenOffice: You probably now how much it cost, a license of Microsoft Office, well OpenOffice is the closest competition to Microsoft Office, with spreadsheet functions, a word editor, and a presentation program, just like Power Point.
  • ThunderBird: It’s email client that runs under Mozilla Firefox, but it also runs as an independent application, and could open all your emails.
  • Opera: Years ago was my favorite browser, and even that I don’t like it any more, is probably the best browser out there for mobile devices.
  • MacOSX: Yes!!!!!!!……You probably are in shock with Mac OS been here, well Mac is re make of “Free BSD” with a nice GUI, but all the source code is extract and compile from Unix Free BSD.


Great programs right?…….well all this programs are free except MAC OS, because it’s bundle with the computer itself , so they could charge you for it indirectly.


In my opinion open source is a bigger threat to Microsoft Empire than Apple our Google itself, because it’s the will of a whole community that reflect in their work what common users want.





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