I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many months ago, I thought it was not possible way that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t loss the Democrats primary, result: Obama end up being the candidate for the Democrat Party. After the “closest” primary ever passed, I said: that it was very unlikely that Barak Obama, would be able to beat the Republican nominee John McCain, for reasons that I will expose later, end result: Barak Obama will be the 44th President of United States of America, unless something “bizarre” happens in this coming week.

The reasons I sustained that Obama was not able to beat McCain was four main reasons:

The traditional right & conservative vote, especially in the south and mid-west.

His lack of appeal to the white blue collar voters.

The division of the Democratic Party among Clinton and Obama supporters.

Bradley Effect is known as the theory that sustain that the polls won’t show the intention of vote of white voters, because this will be scare them of being accuse of racism.

Well all this turn out to be flushed through the toilet, for 2 main reasons I did underestimate the strong sentiment against the Bush administration & the collapse of the Wall Street & Main Street. If we want to talk about timing, this could sound very cruel but this economic crisis couldn’t come in a better time for Barack Obama aspirations to walk into the White House in January. If go back to the polls before all this mess in Wall St. John McCain was taking a solid lead over Barack Obama, around 3 to 9 basis points on the Gallup’s poll, after the Financial collapse, the rest is history, since then Obama has kept a consistent lead between 5 & 10 points, and astoundingly battling in traditional Republican states such as Missouri & North Carolina.

As always we have to be alive to see things, because I never thought seeing Barak Obama as president of United States, I don’t think he didn’t’ believe it either 2 years ago.



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