Straight from my heart

This is one of those posts that I am posting from my heart, without thinking to much. I have been writing not pretending that I know everything, but wit the idea that with my little knowledge, and while I keep learning share with the others, so we all could get the best of what society offer us, and also to be aware of what’s going on in the world.

I have been writing constantly about economics and politics, and I remember how my mom used to tell me that we all by nature, and responsibility have to be involve in politics, because politics is not supporting or campaign for a candidate, politics involve making decisions for your community, even decisions that you make for the basic nucleus of society, FAMILY. That’s why my dear mom used to say that Jesus was a politic, and under this concept, it’s true, Jesus made decisions for his community.

To make it simple I am more than angry disappoint it. I hate to say this because it sounds like a very arrogant statement , but like I said before this come from my heart: I believe this blog it’s a great opportunity, to know what going on, in the day by the day and I have decided to keep the blog among a select group of people that have a great perspective of life regardless of different views, but it shocked me that talking to my sister yesterday, a girl that I  believe is bright, and have all the qualities to be a big person in this world and beyond, haven’t read my blog since September 3rd, but amazingly she had the time every day to make post, and change pictures on face book and MySpace, in a smaller measure that applies to my mother too.

This in a bigger dimension applies until certain extent why poor always going to be poor, and rich always going to be rich, while Obama was flipping pages to the left in Harvard, others are worry about how big Jennifer Lopez &(*Y*YIRR^RYET is, or what the rapper 50 Cent said to Jay Z on hot 97 yesterday.

Internet is  wonderful  for entertainment, but at the same time is a great tool, a chance to make us better, more productive and it’s been recognize by the UNICEF, as the most important resource to close the gap between poverty and the rich. Guys the tool is here, its up to us  to get the best out of it.


2 thoughts on “Straight from my heart

  1. Luis Cruz says:

    I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote on this post. It makes me sad and scared to see so many of the people I associate with not care about what is happening in our country. The constantly use the excuse that it doesn’t matter any way. One of my favorite political statements comes from a movie – V for Vendetta. It is when he says, “People shouldn’t be afraid of the government, government should be afraid of its people.” People have become afraid of this government and have stopped caring. I hope we finally wake up and work on changing that.

    Keep on writing!!!

  2. Miguel Andujar says:

    Thank you so much, for your post!!, lol V for Vendetta you mean Bush administration, the funny thing isn’t just the case of United States is a global syndrome people just do not care, and some of it it’s our fault, but also politicians, they have failed us, and this is cumming from a guy that his father has make a living of politics.

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