And the Nobel Prize goes to…………..

Even that I lost almost all my respect to the Nobel Prize award, after Al Gore won it last year (2007), it took my attention that this year the Nobel Prize of economics was won by Paul Krugman. Krugman has been a strong opponent of Bush Administration, and his monetary and fiscal policy.
Although Pual Krugman it’s against the theory that I believe in “neoliberalism” or what was well known as “libertarian”, I am eager to star reading his book “The Conscience of a Liberal”, in which he try to establish the relationship between the politics & economics decisions, made in United States in modern era.

You might ask why I am going to read this book knowing that he do not agree in my economics believes. We could argue that, but I always say that the problem with us as elements of society, is that we sometimes do not like to hear the facts, or “look at the other side of the coin”, I believe we should open our minds and give the others the chance to convince us, or at least to get to a mid point, philosophy already establish that we don’t have absolute truth, and we as human beings perceive the world in a biased way. One of the keys of success of FDR was that he used to leave both positions of an issue deliberate, and from this discussion he will decide his ultimate position.

That’s why I always open my mind and forget who is who, and watch CNN & Fox News, and at then at the end I make my own conclusions, but always, giving them the chance to convince me of my believes no matter how strong they are.

For the ones that do not know what “neoliberlism” is : Liberalism supports free markets, free trade, and decentralized decision-making. Liberalism of world’s countries can be measured on economic freedom indices. Higher economic freedom correlates strongly with higher living standards, self-reported happiness, and peace.

In plain English, small government, & ownership society!


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