I am Sorry Mr.Bush

I am not at all a George Bush support it, but for the ones that know me I like bring the facts to the table, our president, is arguable, the worse president that we have had in modern era in United States, his biggest mistake has been Iraq, like a friend told me a year ago, we are just creating another generation of “American haters”, you either like it or not, but America has never been so hate it before as now around the globe, and let’s face it, some of it, we deserve it.

Lets put it in perspective: let’s imagine you live in Iraq, what you will think about United States, after they went into your home “looking” for weapon of mass destruction, and couldn’t find anything, oh, and by the way, they bombed your “home”, in order to find those “weapons”. ….what will be your feelings about America? I bet you nothing good passed through your mind, but besides this, you should add that Mr. Bush decided to go to Iraq, without the approval of the United Nations, unlike his father, which got the approved of all the nations of the world (114 votes against 3). George W. Bush went alone to Iraq, with the disapproval of the rest of the world, but his partner of crime Tony Blair.

The message was clear: “We obey the resolution of the UN, when we want to”, but my idea of this message, is not to point the negative parts of this administration, honestly I would it finish today, in fact Bush monetary policies, specially in first term were not bad at all, matter fact his administration raise more taxes revenues than any other administration before including Bill Clinton’s administration, his problem was that he was a very irresponsible spender.

What really bother me the most, is not his administration, it’s the behavior of human beings. Let me explain it better, from the gecko his administration has been doing a bad job, it’s not today that we realized that Iraq was an abuse and horrible mistake, its not today that we realize that we are printing dollars like never before, its not today that we realize that our trade deficit is over a trillion dollars, but today when the boat is sinking and it’s just matter of months for Mr. Bush to leave office, Now!, Now!, Now!, ……….nobody voted for Bush, nobody agrees with the Iraq war, nobody agrees with the Bush doctrine…….it’s a saying that goes : “Every nation deserve the leaders that they elected” ………..and we are not the exception. We all celebrated when we invaded Iraq, now today we’re paying the consequences, and for all of you, that believe that either Obama or McCain it’s going to stop the war, keep dreaming and please tell me how it goes.

At the end Democrats, Republicans and Independents are all responsible of this mess, they were all Mr. Bush cheerleaders for 8 years and now that the party it’s over are leaving all alone.


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