My Dear President II

A week ago, I posted the speech made by the President of Dominican Republic Dr. Leonel Fernandez at the United Nations. After a long week, full of news, and the rollercoaster of Wall Street, I went through his speech and analyze it very careful.

Dr. Fernandez focuses his speech on the poverty around the world, and the lack of effort of nations to alleviate these issues. Overall Mr. Fernandez did a great job, not going across the line pointing fingers, to any nation, taking in consideration that Dominican Republic is a third world country nation, and needs more of the big nations that the big nations need of the Island, but this did not shy him a way of expressing his frustration while others turn away their faces to the problems that are hurting the world.

One of the best points that he made was in reference to the Finance “Bailout”, that was signed today by the President Of United States George W. Bush for the amount of 700 Billion dollars; according to United Nations, and Unicef, we need 350 billion dollars, for the next 7 years to alleviate poverty around the world. The nations did commit to help, but the money hasn’t arrive, not even 1%  of it, but to save and reward a bunch of irresponsible thefts it took a week to get 700 billion dollars. It is not a secret, that the world is move by powerful interest instead for the good of human being.

Some will ask why Mr. Fernandez is asking to others to resolve the problems that are not even their own problems. Well that’s not quite true, first, as much as I am for capital freedom, and ownership society, I do also believe in social responsibility and common good for all humans around the world, but more interesting that some do not know. Some of the disasters and lack of improvement in third world nations are being support and caused by the Big Nations. For example Haiti: is the poorest country of the American Continent by far, and it share the Island of Santo Doming with Dominican Republic. Haiti, was the first independent country in America in 1802, but before this Haiti was plundered (all the gold, and natural resources), by France, and Spain. After their independence, Haiti had for 30 years  of dictatorship (The Duvalier family , supported  by United States and the rest of Europe, once finally Haiti, elect their first Democratic President  Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1991 he receive a coup d’état and once he was elected again in 2001 it received another coup d’état, support by the CIA. The same thing could be said about 30 years of Dictatorship in Dominican Republic by Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, who by many years was a big ally of United States, or even further, the instability all around Latin America in the 6o’s as a consequence of the “Cold War” with “Operation Condor” promote it by the CIA too. To validate these facts you could look at this website:

It shows all the military intervention by United States in this last century all around Latin America all under the excuse of save “American lives”.

Without making this explanation any longer, I do not imply that the only reason of poverty in the world, it’s a responsibility of the big nations,  but they have a lot of to do with the social and political instability all around the world, leading by the saying “divide and you will conquer”.

Having said that probably in the only point that I strongly disagree with Dr. Fernandez is in his positions against the prices of Crude Oil, and other commodities. President Fernandez argues that traders are speculating with the prices. I must agree that we do have speculation, but not by traders. The ones that are speculate, are the governments regulating the output of demand, especially the OPEC. For example the OPEC did not said anything when oil prices were above 140 dollars a barrel, but once Crude Oil plunge below 100 dollars, they right away announce that they will not allow prices below 100 and cut production by 500,000 barrels a day, but another factor also has been that the energy market, is a “Bubble” right now. Bubble is when prices rise for not fundamental reason, for a long period of time (years), it was the case of the Technology sector in the  90’s and it was the case of the Real State sector on this new millennium, soon we will see the “Bubble” of Oil burst and see prices of oil around the 80 dollars for long period of time.  



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