Do not sleep on Russia

After Russia invaded Georgia weeks ago, a lot has been said, from a sequel of the “Cold War” to the intervention of United States on the region. These actions evidently have been premeditative with months in advance as the president of Georgia said: “To move all those tanks and solders take days and weeks of planning”.

Now, this was just a warm up, Mr. Putin which still commands Russia, was just flexing his muscles, showing the world, that they are a force. Georgia honestly does not represent absolutely anything for the Kremlin, but it did set an example for the rest of the nations that were part of the former Soviet Union. The message was clear don’t you dare to join NATO, which is a military alliance between countries essentially from Europe and United States.

Russia plans go beyond Georgia, their next step is Ukraine  who has control of half of the Black See Fleet which has a enormous political and military meaning for the Kremlin, besides this, Ukraine is like the” break up that you never got over it” , Mr. Putin has made his contempt for Ukrainian sovereignty clear, most notably at the NATO summit in Bucharest last April when, according to numerous report in the Russian and Ukraine is “not even a real state,” that much of its territory was “give away” by Russia, and that it would “cease to exist as a state” if it dare join NATO.

Mr. Putin has more power that what people imagine, to put it in perspective Russia has around 27% of the reserves of natural gas of the world, and provide most of the heating oil through pipelines to all countries in the Euro zone. They already interrupt heating oil to Ukraine in the middle of the winter for three consecutives days in 2005 because political tensions among them, but the last move by the Russia it’s been observe in this day as the Wall Street Journal label: “The most important visit to the OPEC in the lat 10 years” referring to eventual add of Russia to the OPEC. The OPEC is losing power around the world, they manage 40% of the Crude Oil global output, but Russia itself produce 11% of the oil, to this we have to add a vulnerable Europe with an economy that is getting weaker and reacting late into a recession.

I hate to say this, but all this make George W. Bush look good after all the military bases that he has establish all around Europe, but soon, if things keep going in the same trend, Ukraine will be the beginning and then Europe will fall under Mr. Putting arms.


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