What is John McCain thinking?

That was the question that everyone was asking a week ago, once he choose Sarah Palin as his VP. At first I was in shock, I asked the same question: What is John McCain thinking? I though to myself, the most she could do is give him the state of Alaska, if she was the governor of California or Ohio, I will perfectly understand, but Alaska does not have that many electoral votes. So once again what is was he thinking? Right away I though that he was trying to capitalize on those women that are “mad” at Obama for not picking Hillary Clinton and hope that they will swing to the Republican ticket.

As nosey and intrigue that I am, with a constant need to know things I did research on Sarah Palin online, hours later, I guess Google was tired of me searching and typing and asking questions, well I kept going, but nothing made sense, besides the Hillary Clinton theory, and that she was hot!, then I said to myself, Miguel you should look for McCain weakness, that’s usually, what you look for in a VP, someone that patches the holes that you have, then once again Google became again my best friend.

John McCain is having a major problem with the extreme right on the Republican Party, which accuses him of too “liberal”, he is not liberal to me by any chance, but for the Republicans he is. They argue, that he is pro choice, and that he pushed the reform of immigration, and that illegal immigrants should get a driving license. Well my friends I have news, Sarah Palin is an icon of the ultra right of the Republican Party, and is a fresh image so much needed by the “dead walking” John McCain.

This “Hockey Mom” as many defined her, has an approval rate of 80% on the state of Alaska which is being known to be ultra conservative, have been strong supporter of the “no abortion”, and have a “nice” story that goes perfectly fine with the political script. After I put all this cards on the table, I was counting the seconds for my first date with Sara Palin, and going around my mind, how she talk, how she looks ,etc, etc. Well the time came, Sarah was in my 42’ inch screen TV, and I was laying down in my old couch waiting for her VP candidacy acceptance speech.

To be honest the lady impressed me, she is not Barak Obama on the podium, but she does change the dynamics of this race, she manage herself well on stage, and heck…..why not she overshadow the “dead walking” John McCain; like a journalist in CNBC said, “She brought the ball to the end zone but John McCain could not score yesterday.”

At the end of the day, she was a pleasant surprise for Republicans, and raised a flag on the Democratic Party, even CNN which is known to be a liberal TV Channel claim: “You could agree or not with her speech, but a star has been born tonight”. Sarah Palin means trouble for the Democrats, she manages herself better than anyone on both tickets, the energy issues which is one of the major issues on this elections. We know that Obama is going to sweep the floor with McCain on the debates, but the VP debate will be very, very interesting.

This risky move by McCain might pay off, but it all depends on Obama and his advisors strategy, some people have gone as far as saying that she took the momentum from Obama. I wouldn’t go that far, but if Obama focus on Palin instead of McCain, plain and simple Republicans will win in November. Obama should only focus on McCain and the economy, nothing more. If he aims at Palin for a second his chances to win the election will shrink in a big matter.


4 thoughts on “What is John McCain thinking?

  1. Luz says:

    Waoo.. I didn’t realize none of those things you came up with!… You were very cautious. And is really interesting how you ended your blog..the word government was all over the next one…


    The last part… time… don’t mind me.. but I had the impression that you meant, that for us to have A Goverment … requires time?
    maybe… it’s just me talking…
    but I really appreacite all your statements, from head to toe.
    Keep on blogging 😉

  2. mrbochin23 says:

    what I meant about government, is that is a lot that we have to fix.

  3. xenlogic says:

    I agree with these sentiments. However, I additionally think that Palin is now a liability for the Republicans.

  4. mrbochin23 says:

    HI xenlogic, welcome aboard, thanks for your comments, I do agree with your comments, her problem is she is trying to memorize everything and bee someone that she is not, if she tries to be herself, I think she will be better for Republicans.

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