A Confused Democracy

Winston Churchill once said: “Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

Most of people will argue that this quote is political incorrect, I would say that will be an unfair statement. Democracy in theory is the best fit for our governments around the world. In my early years in high school I remember this term been define as “Power for the people”. Sounds great, but really is “Power for the people” the answer to our problems, and the best answer to the form of government that we need? For sure are multiple answers for this question but something I have for sure, it’s like anything in the world the Democracy has been degenerate, and change through time. What we call today democracy is not even close of what the father s of our countries dreamed.

In today’s world we believe that Democracy it’s just about freedom of speech and go and vote for whoever we think is the best candidate for different positions on the senate, congress and president. However we are missing a whole lot, in this degeneration form of government of what some call democracy with have downgraded the level of debating issues. We heard Obama accusing McCain of losing count of how many houses he owns, in the other side, we hear John McCain(which is more death than alive) accuses Obama of not been enough patriotic.

By any chance I could blame the candidates, they are just a product of what our society demands and is exactly there the problem of our democracy. I never forget what my dear Mom told me once: “ that her vote count the same as a person that have no clue of what is going on in the world and that bothers her”, at first I did not understand, but interacting with people through my life, I realize exactly what Mommy meant. Here are some examples of the bizarre statements that I have heard:

  • “How can you say that Bill Clinton was a good president he cheat on his wife” (A friend at work in a discussion with me of who was a best president Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton)
  • “I voted for Bill Clinton because I think he is hot” (My former mother in law in a discussion of why Bill Clinton was a good president)
  • “Obama cannot be president because he is too black, and his name sounds like Osama” (A guy that thread to kill Obama, after it was arrested.)
  • “Wait which one is the Republican Party? …The one that McCain belongs to, or Obama belongs to” ( My best friend at work, asking to be sure, that he will vote for McCain and no for Obama.)

This sounds crazy, but it gets better when you hear the arguments of the people of third world countries like Dominican Republic where I come from; votes are cast more likely for the person that could guarantee you a job. This jobs most of the time are public jobs, which force a ridiculous increase on the public budget, and deviating this funds from more important things, like the enforcement of law, justice, and property rights (which the #1 issue in Latin America).

For me it’s obvious that we have a lot to fix to get a better form of government, and by no means I support dictatorship, or totalitarian governments, but is a lot of holes that we have to patch to get our perfect government, but at the end I must agree: “: “Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time”


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